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RTD Day 6 : Jai Mata Di

On the last night, there was a sudden change in plan. As a result of it we headed towards Purnagiri Temple to be bestowed by the showers of love and blessings of Mata Purnagiri.


Purnagiri also known as ‘Punyagiri’ that means mountain of good deeds in English. It is localized close to the Indo-Nepal border at a distance of 20 kms from Tanakpur of Champawat district.From Tanakpur a traversable road till Thulligarh from which Tunyas has to be reached by an under construction road. People go on foot from Thulligarh to temple via ‘Baans ki Charhaai’ comes to ‘Hanuman Chatti’. This temple is located on the top of the mountain above 3000 meters from sea level. A trek of approximately 3 km is needed to reach the top of the mountain (temple).

While ascending towards the Temple one will see number of tin sheds which offer free rest and Washroom facilities to devotees. But, in return one has to buy prasadam(offering) from them.

It is located at the banks of River Kali which forms the natural border between the two countries India and Nepal.From the mountain one can have the view of the running water of River Kali flowing and the Nepal on the other side.

Mata Purnagiri Temple-

Mata Purnagiri Temple is the centre of Hindu Pilgrimage.Everyday large number of devotees visit this temple.It is one of the Shakti Peethas of the Hindu religion.Here,the Goddess is worshipped in Naval form.

It is said that the Goddess fulfills the vows of every devotee who visit here.Devotees tie the knots here and pray to Goddess to fullfill their vows.

Apart from the main temple there are other temples too of Maa Kali,Bhairav and one temple known as Jhuta Temple

Mata Purnagiri-

Mata Purnagiri is also known as Mata Annapurna(Goddess who fulfills the food needs of the entire world).She is the form of Goddess Sati worshipped here in the Nabhi(Naval)form.

After visiting the Temple we travelled to Tanakpur for overnight stay.

Everything in this World happens for the reason.Maybe,this unexpected visit has a reason too…

Jai Mata Di…

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RTD Day5 :Mystery and Nature

Day 5 begin with a bird eye view of the largest settlement in hilly area i.e. Pithoragarh,which has a population of approx 5 lakh from Chandak.

Then we headed towards a site of Haunted Tourism in Lohaghat tehsil of Uttarakhand.

Abott Mount

Abott Mount is located in Lohaghat Tehsil of Pithoragarh district situated at an altitude of 1656 mtrs.

Abott mount is located in the lap of Kumaun Himalayas offering the splendid view of the widest Himalayan range,which are clearly visible from October till June.The peaks include Pir Panjal, Kashmir,Himanchal,Bandarpunch,Chaukhamba,Neelkanth,Nandaghunti,Trishul,Maktoli,Nandadevi,Nandakot and Panchachuli peaks of the Central Himalayas.

On the top of the Abott Mount is an open field and on its slopes are European bungalows with well maintained gardens and orchards.

Apart from natural beauty Abott Mount has few historical buildings which are restricted and said to be a haunted place.

Abott Mount Church is one such building which is forbidden for prayers.There is a Hospital in the slope inside which Dr. Morris used to do experiments on the human body.

One such experiment done by him was to see what happens to soul after life which he performed in a cottage called ‘Mukti Kutir'(as told by the local residents).

After visiting this place we made a move forward towards Pancheshwar.


Pancheshwar is a beautiful tiny village located at the banks of river Sharda in Champawat district of Uttarakhand at the foothills of Indo-Nepal International Border.

River Sharda in Pancheshwar is a good spot for fishing, The Pancheshwar Dam is also being constructed here with the collaboration with Nepal.

After witnessing the mesmerizing view of the sunset we headed towards Champawat.

Every place has it’s own history while some engrosses mystery with it.

But,it is the Nature who preserves these elements in it.

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RTD Day 4 :Abode of Nature

Day 4 began with the majestic view of sunrise through the Panchachuli ranges,which was clearly visible from our place of stay.

Then we made a hike to zero point, Khaliya top, which is the abode of nature. It is the most beautiful place of our entire tour.

Vast swampy Meadows(Bugyals) all around with the bunch of beautiful pink rhododendron trees was a sight worth seeing.

On reaching the top, the mystery unfolds with animals all around. For example on one side two mules were grazing grass while on the other side the flock of cattles were heading towards the top Yet from the other side one dog was herding a group of cows.

There are two small ponds (kunds) too on the top from which the flock of cows and bulls were imbibing their throat’s. That sight has it’s own charisma.

The zero point has the Indian Flag swirling with full honour and pride and was the source of rejuvenation after being reached at the top.

One can feel the goosebumps and eternal josh on seeing the INDIAN FLAG waving high.

While descending we spotted Monal,the state Bird of Uttarakhand.

Himalayan Monal also known as Impeyan Monal is the member of the pheasant family generally found in the himalayan ranges above 2700 mts.

It is a very beautiful bird with glittering multicolored feathers.

After Khalia we visited Madkote.


Madkote is a tiny village situated at a distance of 22 kms from Munshiyari.

Madkot is located on the banks of Gori Ganga and is famous for the thermal Hot water spring which is said to be of immense medicated value.

The water found there has a rich Sulphur content and it can heal bone and joints pain, arthritis and also helps to get rid of the skin eruptions.

Relaxing on the spring was like going to a natural spa that not only extricated the tiredness of the tedious hike but also rejuvenated the body for upcoming tasks.

From here we moved forward to Pithoragarh where we made a night halt via Askot.

The charismatic view of the Khaliya and the natural Spa of the Madkote leads to the conclusion that Nature Is Abode.


RTD Day3 :Mini Kashmir

In the morning we left Birthi and headed towards Munshiyari.


Munshiyari is a beautiful hamlet situated at an altitude of 2298 mtrs above sea level in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand state.

Munshiyari offers splendid vistas of natural beauty. Munshiyari literally means place with snow and is also regarded as mini Kashmir.

Panchahchuli is the star attraction at Munshiyari along with Nandadevi,Nandakot,Rajarambha and mountains of Nepal Himalayas. The virgin environs offer a breath taking view of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Munshiyari is famous for its beautiful scenic attractions and trekking excursions.It is popular among the high altitude trekkers as it is the base camp of Milam Glacier,Ralam Glacier and Namik Glacier.

After exploring the market we started hiking towards Khuliya(Khaliya) top.

It is a peak situated at 3747 mtrs(12290 feets) above sea level. Its an easy trek of approx 11 kms straight climb offering the majestic view of the Kumaun Himalayas including Panchachuli,Rajarambha,Nandadevi peaks.

Munshiyari also has a mountaineering institute named after Surveyor Pnt. Nain Singh which is in its inception stage and is situated at Balati.

We made a halt and an overnight stay at a resort which was located in Bhujani at a distance of 6 kms from the point of start and from where Khaliya top was at a distance of approx 5 kms.

Weather’s mood cannot be predicted at this place. It seems as if it’s the favourite playground of Sun and the Clouds to play hide and seek.

On a sunny day, there will be a sudden encroaching of clouds carrying rain and then again Sun would shine and so on…

The beauty of this place justifies the title of “Mini Kashmir”.

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RTD Day 2:The Free Fall

The second day began with a visit to underground cave temple in Pithoragarh district named Patal Bhuvaneshvar Cave Temple.

I have already covered it in one of my previous blogs. In case you have missed it click on the link below.

It was a great feeling to visit it once again.

After that we headed towards Chaukori

  1. Chaukori

Chaukori is a small hill station located at Berinag Tehsil of Pithoragarh district situated at an elevation of 2010 mtrs above sea level.

This place has become a prominent tourist spot. From here, you get a wide and picturesque view of Himalayas. One can enjoy the panoramic view of the various peaks incuding Nanda devi, Nandakote and Panchahchuli range.

But it was our misfortune that we were unable to catch this mesmerizing view because of cloudy skies.

After visiting Chaukori, we move forward towards Birthi.

2. Birthi

It is also one of the prominent tourist spot among the travellers.

Birthi is a beautiful small village between the dense forests and is famous for its huge waterfall which falls from about 300 feet high.

There are some more waterfall enroute Thal-Munshiyari road but the Birthi Fall is the highest among them.

The water flows at with such huge force, that it appears to be milky.

It is located at a distance of 33 kms from Munshiyari. One can feel the power of the flowing water while staying in Birthi. The resounding sound of the water falling through the top of the mountain rejuvenates one’s mind and soul.

There is a KMVN rest house in Birthi, where we made a night halt.

One can feel the energy possessed by the nature at this place.

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Beat The Plastic

Happy Environment Day folks…

“We are the product of our environment” this is the line which portrays the importance of environment in our life.

Healthy is our environment,Healthier is our life.

It is our duty and responsibility to protect the environment from all those degradents that contaminates it’s form and soul.

World Environment Day

World environment day falls on 5 June every year to empower over mindfulness and activities towards protection of our environment.First held in 1974, it has been a flagship campaign for raising awareness on emerging environmental issues from marine pollution, human overpopulation, and global warming, to sustainable consumption and wildlife crime.This day has grown to become a global platform for public outreach, with participation from over 143 countries annually.

Every year Environment Day has a different theme and this year the theme is

“Beat The Plastic”.

Beat The Plastic

If you can’t REUSE it,REFUSE it

As we all know,15,000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated every day, 9,000 tonnes is collected and recycled, but 6,000 tonnes of plastic waste is not collected and remain littered.

Take a pledge to protect the Lifeline…




Save the Environment
Save the Earth
Beat Plastic Pollution…
#WorldEnvironmentDay2018 #BeatPlasticPollution #lovenature

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RTD Day1 : Dham yatra

Group of seventeen students boarded two cabs to explore the unknown places in the vicinity of the Kumaun hills.

The first day tour begun at Nainital and concluded at a hotel nearby Patal bhubneswar Temple.

The places we visited include Chitai, Lakhudiyar, Jageshwar and Gangolihaat. Lakhudiyar is a site of petroglyphs preserving the scenes and activities of the primitive inhabitants of the region belonging to the stone age.While other places are the prime sites of Hindu spirituality.

1. Chitai Golu Temple

Chitai Golu devta temple is located at a distance of 8.5 kms from Almora and situated at an altitude of 1636 meters.

Golu Devta (Gaur Bhairav – incarnate of Lord Shiva) is worshiped here. He is known as the Lord of quick justice among the people of Kumaun.

On the temple grounds, one can witness thousands of bells, offered here as offerings after completion of the petitions of the devotees. One can also see thousands of drafted petitions awaiting justice in the court of Golu devta.

2. Lakhudiyar

Lakhudiyar is just 7 kms from Chitai temple and is a place of historical importance as it has the rock paintings which are thousands of year old, depicting the artistic excellence of the rock dwellers who used to stay here to protect them from adverse climatic conditions and weather.

Lakhudiyar is a Kumauni word which means one lakh caves in English. The natural wall and ceiling of the cave contain paintings of red, black and white colour, depicting the lifestyle of the prehistoric people and the scenes of hunting, Kumauni aipan etc.

The paintings in the cave has been restored by the Padma Shree awardee archaeologist and curator Dr. Yasodhar Mathpal. The cave is under the preservation of Uttarakhand State Archaeology.


Jageshwar is 16kms from Chitai temple and is at an altitude of 1870mtrs above sea level. It is situated amidst dense Deodar forest with stream flowing alongside its backyard.

Jageshwar is considered as one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Shiva. It is situated on the ancient route of Kailash Mansarovar. It is said that Jagatguru Adi Shankaracharya came here and reestablished the sanctity of this place.

The temple group consists of 125 temples of different sizes built between 7th century to 18th century A.D by the then ruling dynasty of Kumaun Katyuri (7-14 century A.D) and Chand dynasty (15-18 century A.D).

The temple follows the Nagara style of architecture which was prevalent in North Indian temple architecture at that time.

It is said that earlier there were four hundred temples, most of which were later dilapidated and decimated and now only one hundred and eight temples remain.

Most of the temples here are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Some of the Temples here include Jyotirlinga Jageshwar,Mahamrityunjay,Batuk Bhairav,Navdurga,Kuber,Surya,Navgraha,Kedareshwar,Lakulish,Mata Annpurna,etc.

The entire group of temples is under the preservation of Archaeological Survey of India.

Archaeological Museum Jageshwar, is situated nearby the temple and has the collections of various idols and statues excavated from Jageshwar from time to time. The artifacts found belong to the period of 8th century A.D to 13th century A.D


In Gangolihat we visited Mata Mahakali Temple which is one of the Shakti Peethas established by Adi Guru Shankaracharya.

I had already covered it in one of my blogs. If u haven’t read it click the link below.

Call from Goddess Mahakali

Thereafter the first day concluded in a nearby hotel.

As 3 out of 4 destinations were temples,it seemed that we are enroute dham yatra…

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Prologue to Regional Tour Dairy….

As a part of our curriculum we visited Kumaun region of Uttarakhand covering five out of six districts namely Nainital,Almora,Pithoragarh,Champawat and Udham Singh Nagar. Apart from these, we also paid a visit to a small temple in Nepal, known as Bhramdev.

Our tour commenced on 15th of May 2018 from Nainital and happily concluded again at the source, on 21st of May 2018.

The tour included visit to places of regional, historical, spiritual, cultural importance. These places provide immense peace and scenic attractions.

Kumaun Region of Uttarakhand is blessed with profound flora and fauna with greenery of luxuriant forests all around.Pine trees,Deodar trees,Rhododendron(Buransh),Myrica Esculenta Myricaceae(Kafal),etc are commonly found here.

Rhododendron flowers are generally red in colour but in high altitude regions pink coloured flowers are also found.

The Regional Tour diary will be covered in seven parts. Starting from day one and concluding on day seven, which will give you an insight into the importance of the places we visited and covered throughout the entire tour.

I don’t want to attenuate the excitement by revealing the names of the destinations.

Just Relax and Stay tuned to the coming posts…

Stay connected to the coming posts of INSATIABLE AVARICE and lose yourself in the engrossing journey of the Kumaun Hills.

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Immortal Plastic

If you believe that everything has an expiry date then read this blog and meet the immortal which lives with us and will live after us. It’s none other than a cheap polymer substance called plastic, which was first created in 1907.


Till date 901 Cr tons of plastic has been produced, out of which 719 cr tons of plastic has encroached our earth in the form of plastic waste i.e, about 70% of the total plastic produced till date has taken the form of plastic waste and is one of the major source of pollution.

Health Hazards-

According to the report of Food And Agricultural organisation of United Nations by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea’s than fish.Even it is entering into our bodies via fish(sea food),which is eaten by them in scattered pieces.

India’s Stake

India is also one of the prominent contributor in plastic waste. It ranks 12th in terms of plastic waste producing nations.Approx 15.89 lac ton of plastic waste is produced every year in our country,out of which 30% contribution is from Maharashtra state alone.

Out of the total plastic waste produced in our country only 9% is recycled while remaining 91% still pollutes our cities, villages and water bodies.

Due to this rising problem the theme of 2018 Earth Day is “End Plastic Pollution”.

Earth Day 2k18

Earth day is a day of political action and civic participation towards preserving our planet Earth.

It was first celebrated in April22,1970.The importance of Earth Day is to increase the awareness among common public, especially among youngsters, to get full effect of the campaign of environmental safety.

It is our responsibility too to come forward and save our Earth by just following 3R’s.




Keep planting trees and keep on encouraging others to do so


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Women In India

Women play a key role in our lives, as a mother,as a sister ,as a friend ,as a wife or any another form.They are the pillars of our society without which civilization cannot be imagined or realized. But still they are not in a respectable situation in our country. This condition can only be improved by taking progressive steps by not only the government but every individual as well.Women empowerment is a need of the hour. It can only happen if every person realize the importance of women in their life.

Present Scenerio-

Indeed the conditions are much better than the past. Women are free to choose their profession according to their wish and are making huge strides in their respective fields. If we look at the literacy rate of women in India, 68.4% are literate. 53% women have their own bank account which is operated by themselves, 63% of women are taking household decisions on their own or a part of it.

Working women

30% women in rural and 15.4% women in urban areas are working.

Self employed

59.3% in rural and 42.8% in urban areas.

Service sector

Core sector- 24%

Banking,Insurance and Finance- 21.21%

Telecom sector- 16.16%

Corporate management

Entry level – 24%

Managing posts – 21%

Senior managing – 19%

Executive positions – 8%

This data might look good but if we look at the Development Report of Dec 2017 by World Bank, it mentions that in terms of women workforce India ranks 120th out of 131 countries.The reason behind such a low rank is lack of job opportunities and inadequate working environment.

Government initiatives-

Government is continously working towards this issue and has launched many schemes for women welfare like-

1.Beti Bachao Beti Padao – Implementation in 640 districts after success in 167 districts throughout the country to improve the sexual parity.

2. Priority to women – Nowadays ration cards are issued in the name of women head of the family, less interest rates in loans are applicable for women etc.

3. Sukanya Samridhi Yojana- opening accounts for girl child to empower them financially.

4. Maternity leave increased from previous 12 weeks to 26 weeks upto 2 childs

5. Ujjwala Yojana- To distribute free LPG connections to poor women.

6. Triple Talaq Bill – To safeguard the interests of the Muslim women from the age old mythology.

Social Security –

It is a great shame that in a country where women are worshipped in the form of mother goddess, inhumane activities such as rapes,molestation,eve teasing happen every day. The rate of rape in 2016 is increased 15 times since 1971. 4935 cases or rapes were recorded in 2016 out of which 40% alone occurred in the national capital Delhi.

Change in mentality, moral education from school level and strict laws are required to fight against such evil.

Women Empowerment is only possible when we will push them forward for participation and motivate them.